Family and Community Support Services

Child and Family Services Link: Child and Family Services Office Locations 

Alberta children and families receive services from Child and Family Services (CFSs) and 17 Delegated First Nation Agencies (DFNAs).

Family and Community Support Services in your area may choose to offer services such as: 

  • parent-child development activities
  • temporary or occasional parent relief
  • support services for school aged children 
  • parenting and family life education and development programs
  • marriage enrichment
  • retirement planning
  • programs for single adults and single parents
  • courses designed to enhance self-awareness and personal growth
  • individual, family and group counselling services
  • youth development
  • home support
  • education and information
  • outreach and coordination
  • self-help socialization activities

Find the nearest FCSS office to see what services may be offered in your area.

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