Getting Started in Childcare

Updated Child care legislation in Alberta came into effect on February 1, 2021. For more information, see Improving child care. Learn more about Changes in Child Care under the updated legislation.

Under the Early Learning and Child Care Act, a licence is required to operate a child care program that provides care for 7 or more children except for:

  • group homes, foster homes or other residential care settings
  • programs or services provided under the Education Act
  • day camps, vacation camps or other recreational programs that are operated for less than 12 consecutive weeks in any 12‑month period
  • supervision of children at a recreational facility, retail centre or other commercial establishment where the parents of the children remain on the premises and are immediately available
  • The Early Learning and Child Care Act and Regulation set out the minimum standards that must be met in a licensed child care program to ensure the safety, well-being and developmental needs of children are met.

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Info for Not-for-Profits: Board Basics 101